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2018+ JL / JT Signature Series Shorty

2018+ JL / JT Signature Series Shorty

Product Details

Part Number JFB1830
    • Weight:
    • 75 lbs
    • Skid Plate (adds additional item to cart)
    • Frame Tie-in Brackets (adds additional item to cart)
    • Destroyer Tow Bar Adaptors (adds additional item to cart)

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  • $648.00


The LoD Signature Series Shorty is constructed of 10 gauge, 3/16", and 1/4" steel. The bumper comes standard with a winch mounting plate. The winch plate is designed to accept many of the popular winches including the Warn Powerplant. This bumper was designed to accept the factory fog lights, and to allow the winch to sit between the frame rails for added protection and improved air flow. If the fog lights were not an option on your Jeep it's no problem, as we also offer a 55 watt halogen fog light kit. If our kit is purchased, we will make the necessary changes to accommodate our lights. Also optional on this bumper is a guard that comes standard with two auxiliary light mounting tabs.

-Fits factory halogen and LED fog lights