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2018+ JL / JT Destroyer Shorty Front Bumper

2018+ JL / JT Destroyer Shorty Front Bumper

Product Details

Part Number JFB1800
    • Weight:
    • 58 lbs
    • License Plate Mount (adds additional item to cart)
    • Skid Plate (adds additional item to cart)
    • Front Fairlead Mount (adds additional item to cart)
    • Accessory Light Mount from Fairlead (adds additional item to cart)
    • Frame Tie-in Brackets (adds additional item to cart)
    • Destroyer Tow Bar Adaptors (adds additional item to cart)

    * Required Fields

  • $648.00


New Jeep Wrangler Destroyer Shorty Bumpers are engineered to a higher level. The stealthy look and versatile functionality makes a bold statement while protecting and enhancing your off road Jeep on the trail. Winch ready with increased features allow you to customize your Jeep like never before! Better look, higher quality, and more options!

New Features Include:

-Fits factory halogen and LED fog lights
-New enhanced Bull Guard design
-New enhanced Skid Plate design
-Stronger high strength/ light weight military grade steel
-Fits almost any winch setup
-Full tire clearance
-Front license plate mounting option available
-Auxiliary light bar mounting option available

(Note: Optional Fairlead mounting bracket is required if using a winch!)

All Destroyer bumpers with bull guards come with standard light bar tabs design to fit additional individual lights or a light bar up to 10" inches long. This light mount tab is located behind the guard tubing and is not visible from a direct front view.

Note: Bumper is shown with skid plate and bull guard options which are Not included in the listed base pricing. All weights are of the bumper only with no options included.

***Coating Warranty Policy: LoD has no coating warranty policy. Due to scratches that may occur in shipping, LoD does Not guarantee coated bumper shipments. We offer touch paint in case of shipping incidents, but advise customers to order bare steel bumpers and coat themselves for best results. All customer ordering coated items do so at their own risk.***