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LoD Signature Series Modular Headache Rack

LoD Signature Series Modular Headache Rack

Product Details

Part Number AHR1500
    • Weight:
    • 50 lbs
    • Side Support Pillar Option (adds additional item to cart)
    • Window Guards Options (adds additional item to cart)

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  • $486.00


The New LoD Signature Series Modular Headache Rack can be configured to almost any use. The modular design offers more space for mounting lights and light bars to the top of the headache rack. With built-in Rigid Industry Light cutouts, rear LED lights can easily bolt-on to the headache rack top bar. Add-on high strength window guards bolt on for increased protection. The headache rack has several locations to bolt on addition equipment or tool holding devices. This Headache Rack is design to be upgraded to a full truck bed rack if desired by purchasing the upgrade kit. Upgrade kit will be coming soon.

Fits: 2015 -2018 GMC Sierra 2500-3500-1500
2015-2018 Chevy Silverado 2500-3500-1500
2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500-3500-1500
2015-2018 Ford F150

-Modular design features
-Upgrades to a full truck bed rack
-Add on window guards
-Easy to mount LED lights or light bars
-Easy to bolt on accessory holders mounting locations