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LoD Genuine Off Road Equipment - FAQ's

In order to provide some answers to many commonly asked questions we at LoD have put together this FAQ's page in hopes that some of your questions may be answered. If you have any questions that aren't listed here please feel free to give us call. (765)385-0631.

How do I care for my LoD Products?

  • Powder coating is a very durable finished widely used throughout the industry, however, many factors affect its durability and lifespan in the end. Remember, if any metal part has a small rock chip, scratch, or blemish simply touch that spot up because that one spot will eventually become a rust spot. The finish of your product will be greatly affected by the environment. If the part is exposed to salt or other road-use chemicals the lifespan of the finish will be affected especially if there are any existing chips, scratches or scrapes. Be sure to rinse off any salt, dirt or debris as soon as possible to prevent corrosion. We recommend using Rustoleum brand Black Semi-Gloss Protective Enamel (oil based) to touch up any rust spots. Apply using a foam brush by dabbing to match the powder coat texture.

How can I return or exchange an LoD product or submit a request for missing parts?

  • All sales are FINAL. Lod will only process returns for exchange or refund in cases that pertain to quality/craftsmanship or items damaged during shipping. To request a return or exchange or submit a request for missing parts, you must first call or email us at [email protected] within 7 days of receiving the product. Lod will contact you with instructions for return shipment. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Why do we require pictures for refunds/exchanges and missing parts? Our goal is to provide the best possible customer support. In order to do that we request our customers to provide pictures of the product, shipping labels and packing lists, and box pictures. This allows our team to review your entire shipment for accuracy. One of our trained specialists will be able to examine your photos to make sure you received everything in your order. We do our best to provide high quality customer experience and error free shipping, but on occasion we do make a mistake. This process allows us to quickly respond to our customers’ needs whether it’s a damaged product, missing part or even a single screw.

Will the Heavy Duty Tire Carrier hold a High-Lift jack?

  • Yes. Any of the LoD Tire Carriers come standard with a High-Lift Jack mounting location.

What is the difference between the Heavy Duty Tire Carrier and the Extreme Duty Tire Carrier?

  • There are a couple differences betweeen these two options. First the Extreme Duty Tire Carrier is an upgrade from the Heavy Duty Tire Carrier. The Extreme Duty is constructed of 3/16" material as oppose to 10 gauge. Also, the Extreme Duty has an integrated hitch centered in the bumper as oppose to the Heavy Duty which is located underneath the bumper.

What is the maximum size tire I can put on my LoD Tire Carrier?

  • Any of the LoD Tire Carrier's are designed to accept up to a 37" spare.

If I am interested in the Signature Series Shorty Front Bumper for the Jeep Jk are there any aftermarket lights that will fit where the fog light holes are cut?

  • Yes. We offer a lighting kit (Note: lighting kit includes 2 lights, wiring harness, and an illuminated toggle switch) for the front of your Jk as well.

Do I have to pay more to have the tow points/shackle mounts?

  • No. The tow points are standard on all LoD Products and are already included in the cost.

Can I put the Warn PowerPlant on any of the LoD Front Winch Bumpers?

  • Yes. The Warn PowerPlant will fit any of the LoD Front Winch Bumpers.

Will the Signature Series Bumpers fit my 4 Door Jeep JK Wrangler?

  • Yes. The mounting points on the 2007-2009 Jk Wranglers are the same between the 2 door and the 4 door. So Any of the Jk front and rear bumpers/tire carriers will fit any of the Jeep Jk's including the Rubicon and Sahara.

What size of clevis / D-rings will fit into the LoD shackle mounts?

  • Our shackle mounts are laser cut with a 15/16" hole. Any of our bumpers will accept a shackle with a maximum pin size of 7/8".